My Suppliers

Stoate & Sons - SHAFTSBURY


Stoate's Stone ground Flour are a family run traditional watermill based in Shaftsbury, Dorset. They produce a range of organic stoneground flour and supply both the bakery trade and home bakers with a quality flour rarely found. This flour is so fine, it's like silk and  produces a smooth delicate sponge.

Steeptonbill Farm - MILTON ABBAS


Voted as one of the Top 20 Farm Shops 2017 in Britain by the Daily Telegraph,  The farm consists of fifteen acres of lovely south facing pasture overlooking the beautiful village of Milton Abbas. 

Craig's Farm Dairy - OSMINGTON


Craig's Farm Dairy is based in Osmington, Dorset and is one of the few remaining local free range dairies, dedicated to serving local homes and businesses over the past 30 years.

Cariad Foodstores - BLANDFORD


Blandford's independent health food store and North Dorset's first zero waste store. With a passion for all things organic & natural, everything they sell is ethically sourced, so you can shop with confidence knowing we share your values. 

Callebaut Chocolatier - BELGIUM


Unfortunatlely my chocolate is not locally sourced but chosen for its incredibly smooth taste & dedication to sustainability. Callebaut’s Finest Belgian Chocolate gains its unique taste from over 100 years experience & for every pack purchased, Callebaut® reinvests in sustainable cultivation and community programs in the West African cocoa growing communities. 



One of my favourite suppliers are West Street Bakery's very own resident hens. These four lovely ladies have free range of our country garden and are fed an organic high protein diet, producing delicious eggs with a wonderfully rich yolk.