Locally Sourced Ingredients

Passionate about quality

The ingredients that go into my cakes, curds, sauces, meringues, macarons, biscuits, brownies and butter creams have to be of the finest quality to ensure that the taste is one to remember. Living in the heart of the North Dorset countryside I have access to numerous local farm shops and suppliers and therefore I am passionate about using them. Not only can I trace where all of your cake ingredients comes from, I get to meet these local farmers and suppliers and support their growing businesses, keeping the trading within this beautiful district of Dorset. 

Another strong value of ours is to support only high welfare standards and ethically produced ingredients. This includes Free ranging dairy cows that provide the cream & butter and our very own Free ranging chickens that produce the majority of the eggs I use in my baking. If my ladies cannot fulfil my order requirements then additional eggs are sourced locally from the nearby Farm Shop. 


Where the majority of our ingredients are locally sourced, it is not possible for all produce to be sourced in this way.

The chocolate that goes into all of my fillings and ganache’s is a fine Belgian chocolate with a high cocoa butter percentage and a unique smooth flavour, mastered over 100 years. As well as its luxurious taste, Callebaut reinvests into sustainable cocoa cultivation and supports community programmes in West Africa’s cocoa growing communities with every purchase.

Finally, the sugar that goes in to all of my baking is Fairtrade approved and I commonly use Tate & Lyle who developed their Fairtrade Promise in 2008, making a positive difference and supporting over 20,000 cane sugar farmers in developing countries. This Fairtrade system encourages small scale farmers to become part of an organised social group, improving their ethical and environmental practices and in return receiving financial support by Fairtrade premium for their produce.

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